At Ethos Collective Wellness, we believe in the dynamic relationship between your external vibrancy (clear skin, lithe figure, beautiful posture, graceful movements), and your spiritual well-being (vitality, energy, emotional balance, and joy). That's why we'd love to take you on a complete Wellness Journey. This fully customized weekly package is for anyone who is undergoing--or would like to experience--a life transformation. The changes to be achieved resonate with clients all along our human lifecycle--be it a radiant bride, or an adult grieving the loss of a parent, spouse, or someone else precious.

We'll start with an initial consultation. After that, we'll carve a path toward your radiant, most peaceful and joyful self. All sessions are 100% private--just you (or the recipient) and the practitioner in a 1-to-1, customized setting. Depending on your needs, weekly services might include:

  • Detailed, high-end, exquisitely customized facials with Elena. Extra: holistic skincare instruction for your next decade of glowing.
  • Powerful Reiki sessions with Gianantonio. Extra: Gentle, unforgettable insights, relief from suffering and wisdom.
  • Pilates and movement coaching with Flavia or Noemi. Extra: Modern-day lessons in grace.
  • Nurturing, highly skilled massages with Lauren. Extra: The ability to adapt to your body's greatest needs using a dozen different modalities.
  • Aligning and tuning acupuncture with Katherine. Extra: Deep diagnostic wisdom.

Contact us at or (212) 226-0899 to schedule your your consultation today.