Pilates And Postnatal Regeneration Instructor   •

Noemi has been moving and working with her body all her life. 

As a professional dancer and figure skater, Noemi performed in many different productions and short movies all over the world.

 The more she used her body as a tool for expression the more she developed a detailed, subtle way of working with it and intensified her body-mind connection.

Her practice of Yoga, Limón Technique, Feldenkrais, Franklin, Pilates and Reiki also facilitated the deep understanding of the body.

It is this enthusiasm for movement and the connection between mind, emotions and body, which Noemi strives to pass on to her clients.

 During a Revivo Class you will build a strong, flexible, lean, dancer-like physique; and enhance your posture and alignment. You will learn to concentrate on breathing and become more aware of and connected with your body.

Each class will be customized to your individual needs.

 Noemi strongly believes that if we feel strong, free and grounded in our bodies, we‘ll feel stronger and calmer in our minds and face life‘s daily demands with more self-confidence and ease.

 Another passion of Noemi‘s is to help new moms to regenerate their bodies after pregnancy. She offers a specific and targeted postnatal exercise program that rebuilds the women‘s muscles after pregnancy in a gentle yet effective way.

Noemi enjoys sharing this type of exercise with women and witnessing their great results.

Noemi is certified in Pilates and in Postnatal Exercise.