Welcome to Ethos

On the street, the world moves in apathy. Everyday kindness isn't extraordinary, but when it comes to elevating your experience, you're on your own.

Walk into Ethos Collective Wellness, and everything changes. In this walnut-clean nest of understated luxury, our ethos is to nurture and heal. We have nine practitioners—here to calm you, soothe you, beautify you, or hold the space for your healing.

The collective intention is palpable. Happily and humbly, we help restore clients to purity.

Seeking a botanical facial? Linger for a really good massage. Come for a pilates lesson, and stay for a Reiki session. Add psychotherapy to your physical therapy. Transform your diet--then transform your soul. Although our practices diverge, we share a core philosophy: that human beings are naturally designed for resilience, strength, and zinging, vibrant health. One by one, all of us were born to assist you in bringing your body and spirit into line.

For practitioners, we're a holistic incubator: we provide no-fee referrals, cross marketing, and opportunities to trade and learn.

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