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Flavia Bruni is the owner and creator of Be Beautiful Pilates, a pilates studio and movement method based in Soho. Her specialized work has gained much recognition since the start of her practice, including being awarded "Best Pilates Teacher for Women" by New York Magazine. As a devoted dancer and lifetime student of fitness and movement, Flavia worked to develop a pilates method that not only creates long and lean muscles, but also works on enhancing a woman's natural femininity, grace and elegance through movement.

Growing up in Italy, Flavia was inspired by the sensuality of her home country where art, flavor and beauty were a very natural part of life. Flavia found many similarities in her dance practice where she began to realize that there is an innate grace and beauty that exists in the body. It doesn't need to be forced or found, rather gently discovered. She strives to show women how to discover their own natural beauty through working with the body instead of against it, and much like a beautiful dancer, move with strength, alignment and grace.