A magazine asked Elena for her favorite wellness spot in NYC.

"It doesn't exist," she said. "I know great practitioners, but they are spread out across New York City. Sometimes they come to my house; sometimes I go to their space. It's not ideal. But they are worth the trek: the results are that good."

As life happens, Elena got busier with her thriving skin care practice. And it became harder and harder to schedule her favorite wellness practitioners. She decided she needed to make her life more convenient - not just for herself but for others, too.

She turned to her business partner, Brett Rubin: an architect by training and experienced real estate developer known for his design aesthetic. Together, they created Ethos Collective Wellness.

Ethos' serene vibe and muted tones places independent practitioners front and center. Each is a rising master, with passion and expertise to spare. The Soho space reflects the co-founders' vision: to provide a haven in NYC for healing, wellness, and internal peace.


Create a special space for exceptional holistic healing experiences that enhances the physical, mental and spiritual well being of our clients, while providing growth opportunities for our practitioners.


Respect, honor and embrace the natural design of our physical, mental and spiritual selves.

Work collaboratively in constant pursuit of excellence, truth and distinctive service while remaining humble and compassionate.

Quality over quantity in all we do.


Welcome to Ethos:
Space to Evolve.
We can’t wait to meet you.